Foods to help you snooze

How are you feeling? Stressed, maybe? It seems like it’s just a part of our lives, even more so nowadays with what’s going on in the world. We’re stressed from work, relationships, and from just life. Maybe you’re also having trouble sleeping if you’re stressed. Once the stress is gone, you’ll notice you’re sleeping better.

Don’t you just wish there was a magic food to help us sleep better? Although there isn’t, there are certain foods that contain healthful nutrients that can help. 

Do you know the role that melatonin plays in relaxation? And that some foods contain melatonin?
There are a handful of foods that are a natural source of melatonin and even more foods that are natural sources of the precursor to melatonin. Ever heard of tryptophan? Or serotonin? That neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of calm, relaxation. Both are precursors to melatonin. 

We need tryptophan from the diet to make serotonin and we need serotonin to make melatonin. Some foods which are good sources of tryptophan, serotonin, melatonin, or contain magnesium and potassium to help promote relaxation and circulation: Oats, bananas, nuts, seeds, citrus foods, whole grains, and dark green leafy greens.

These foods definitely aren’t the only ones you can try.  Also try some ways to manage stress, like meditation and regular exercise.

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